I love Italy and all its art, the big cities … the small provincial towns that seem to have just come out of a painting, the South sea with its many colors and its white and harmonious beaches … but I grew up in Turin and I would like to dedicate all my love for this city with this post!


As the spring blossoms, the city wakes up and it’s like a movie: the first rays of the sun come out shyly and make small stunts between the windows that kiss in the small streets.

The parks are in bloom, and the monuments shine in all their vigor at every corner: I can’t walk around Turin without admiring something new.

For this reason, I strongly recommend you visit, sooner or later, this enchanting and magical city (because it really is) city!
If you come and visit the great Milan … because you will surely come, take the high-speed train in an hour you will find yourself in this little Paris of Italy … do it and you will not regret it! That’s why today I propose the 5 things to do absolutely in Turin!


I am fascinated by the ancient Egyptians and by the energy that emits any object of theirs, I went to the Louvre and the MET and there I must confess that my experiences have always been unique and almost divine, but the Egyptian Museum of Turin has something different: it is the oldest Egyptian Museum in the world and the largest Egyptian Museum just after the one in Cairo.
I was immediately fascinated by it as a little girl on a trip with the school, then I returned again and again but now many things have been changed scenographically and has absolutely become a must!


I want to remain still in the history of our civilization: there are many monuments, churches or even just buildings in Turin, designed by the most famous architects of the Baroque period but the Duomo is a must because inside you will find the Sacred Shroud. The Holy Shroud is a linen sheet that visibly shows the somatic features and signs of torture suffered by a man that are compatible to mistreatment of Jesus. It is thought that the sheet is just what was used to wrap Jesus’ body in the sepulcher.


Believe it or not, this sheet was the cause of arguments, experiments, and scientific tests: this made history and you will experience an indescribable feeling after having been there.


Yes I know, it seems obvious as a suggestion: every city center is wonderful! Turin has something special that was the first capital of Italy and has all the Savoy Residences.
I recommend you visit Piazza Castello (a stone’s throw from the Turin Cathedral) and its Royal Palace with the Savoy residences, Palazzo Madama towards the square and the back (Casaforte of the Acaja) with the Teatro Regio.

Piazza Castello is the center, the heart of magic, the four most beautiful streets of the whole city lead here: via Po, via Garibaldi, via Roma and via Micca.

Choose via Po in the evening, it will take you to the bars with aperitifs worthy of a wonderful evening in the light of the Mole Antonelliana and keeping forward you will arrive in Piazza Vittorio Veneto: one of the most beautiful squares in Italy on the banks of the Po river with the hills in the background.

via Garibaldi is full of life, bars, shops at great prices, pizzerias and souvenir shops!! Walking along with it you will come to Piazza Statuto… another point full of magic.

via Roma is the way to luxury par excellence choose the months in early July or early January to avoid losing sales up to 70% in stores! Italian fashion like Prada, Gucci, Armani … starts from Piazza Castello to Piazza San Carlo (where a break for a Bicerin with a gianduiotto, it’s a must!).

If you have a few days visit the Reggia di Venaria and the Palazzina Di Caccia di Stupinigi! They are incredible, dreamlike places location of various films, and also owned by the Savoy!


Early in the morning go to via Micca, visit the Pietro Micca Museum, they will tell you the story of a martyr who sacrificed himself for the city bursting an explosive charge in the basement of Turin to stop the siege by the French who were entering in the galleries.
The visit is adventurous! You will go into the basement of Turin!


Everything that revolves around magic is like a magnet for me.
Too many people talk about Turin without knowing: they say that this city is surrounded by a cloud of black energy and that we must stay away from it but it is not so, Turin has points of extreme energy: white energy and black energy and it is also full of symbolism! (but that is another story..)
I recommend with all of myself to take a tour on “Torino Magica“: they will take you to the most energetic and significant points of the city!
The tour is available both in Italian and in English!

I’m sure I’ve intrigued you about my city, maybe you didn’t know anything yet …
So remember … if you happen to be in the city of the fashion, get yourself the vacation and then suddendly jump on the first high-speed train to Turin! It will welcome you with open arms!