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“Whether you’re 18 or 65 years old, whether you wanna become a wedding planner or a chef, then only you can stop and doing anything for yourself, you are on your boundaries. If you push forward, then that’s for you.”

Cali Smittenkiss
“You are on your boundaries”

S: I’m soo happy to have Cali, she’s an amazing and inspiring talented woman; I actually wanted to interview her because she keeps on inspiring me: I think that she’s the greatest wedding planner ever.

Just let me tell you something about you Cali: You’re the owner of Smittenkiss… right?

C: Yeah, right! We’re working also on a lead generation, called Event Planner MachtMaker, but Smittenkiss is our main baby and we are based in St.Francisco.


S: Oh yeah, you’re in St.Francisco and you’re a Wedding Planner and an Event Planner and you’re a multi-award winner for a lot of years now! I know that the last Award you won was just last year as “The best Wedding Specialist of the Year” awarded by the Luxury Travel Guide, this is awesome!

C: Thank you, we’re very humble to won that award because we view that there were a lot more much better, more creative, more talented people out there, so just the idea of receiving an award standing in front a great folwe’re really thankful! Thank you for recognizing!

A Wedding Planner


S: When did you discover that being a wedding planner has to be the path of your life? As a job I mean?

C: We actually didn’t start as Wedding Planners. I was an executive assistant for a lot of years who used to work for the events area: I started as a Makeup Artist first, and then I got into the industry.

S: Oh wow, so this was your first passion? The Makeup Artist?

C: Well, so hair and makeup wasn’t something that I just loved growing up! It wasn’t something that I just super loved or something that I thought I would be spending the rest of my life doing, but you know, I was a part-time assistant at that time and I started thinking what could I have to do with my free time, and that’s when I got into the hair and makeup world: I made a lot of brides, and I met tons of super talented vendors. So I decided to put together the two things.

A Wedding Planner


S: I admire you as a hard worker, I read that you had to struggle to reach your personal balance. Do you wanna talk about it?

C: It’s a good question actually, I didn’t have a kinda strategy. I just went through different phases of my life: if you would have asked me this question 10 years ago I would have answered you that I could have reached my balance through my friends, going out to parties, you know trying to letting everything out…

But as I was approaching my thirties and I was getting into my mid-thirties, I found a different sort of balance as I was a very young mother, my kids were growing up and I found a more spiritual journey during the last couple of years, and that’s my balance now. I’m a workaholic and everyone in the events game knows that it is a continuous emotional and physical draining business and to be a mother can be as well.

So I choose to divide the two things and don’t cross those lines, don’t put them together: especially don’t bring the work home, which is the special place where I dedicate myself to my family. I wake up very mindful of the intent to be grateful throughout the day! This is kinda difficult because events are on the weekend so I’m very physically gone, but I’m trying my best to divide out my days to be able to provide to my kids as well.

A Wedding Planner


S: You’ve seen a lot of weddings!!! Which is your favorite one? I mean colors, location, music? And what was the most amazing request that you had?

C: Aw my favorite Wedding? I like this question!! So… since I started in 2014, the thing is that I’ve always had a favorite wedding every single year!! Looking back in the past years I was saying to myself “Was that my favorite wedding? Or was that my favorite wedding?” and the cool thing about that is that the production partner and I, we made a path: that “every year we could get better” and you know? The cool thing about that is as we get better we would have kept on getting better and better and better favorites!

So I can’t say one color palette is better than the other but I have to say that we try our best to create just whatever the clients want, we try to help’em getting better to the best our abilities with the budget that they have, and it will still be a favorite for their category!

It could be a fully luxury wedding or a finer wedding, we basically like what we do at that moment because we give it all! 

A luxury table


S: It sounded awesome Cali! Do you wanna leave a message for our readers? For who’s dreaming to achieve their dreams?

C: Yeah! Of course, well the best thing that I can say, whether you’re 18 or 65 years old, then only you can stop and doing anything for yourself, you are on your boundaries! If you push forward, then that’s for you!! So never put out boundaries on yourself. They’re all your boundaries. Hard work speaks so much, never give up, if you don’t receive instant gratification. Just keep going.

These are beautiful words Cali, thank you so much for opening up yourself for the blog! I’ll never stop and be tired of repeating that you’re a pure inspiration for a lot of women out there who wants to reach their goal in life

Hereunder below you can watch the full Instagram Live that Cali had with me!


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