Hey everyone! Here I am, Silvia!
I’m a Jazz singer and a songwriter who loves to travel, fashion and skincare.

My passion for fashion started when I was young… watching red carpets!! I used to (and I still do that) admire all my favourites celebs in those stunning dresses and I couldn’t say a word about that! Then I began to follow all fashion weeks and go to Milan and I literally became a window shopper!!
Oh my God, I still can remember when I was the only one who adored the Dolce&Gabbana clothing line dedicated to Italian Pasta. Delicious.

#Beyondcurvesandfashion… I had the idea not long ago… It was an afternoon, just before recording for my Youtube channel and I though that since that I am a curvy woman and I love fashion and music… why not sharing my idea of equality, confidence and positivity? I’d love to see one day everyone “be different, be confident, be that change”