How to Make a Dream Come True


It was so enchanting and unimaginable to be carried away by Anna’s story.
Anna Salenko is an incredible international artist.
I was fascinated by her works that I saw on her Instagram profile, so, after visiting her website, I decided to interview her for Beyond Curves+Fashion…

Hi Anna! Nice to meet you! Let me tell you something…I literally let myself be carried away by your website! Your works are wonderful, stupefying…I can’t find any favorites because they are all unique and original!
I read that you were born and raised in Russia and you kept your art studies in Europe, I see that you keep improving yourself day by day and that’s amazing.

Is there something you miss about your Country?

Yes, I was born in Russia and left this country at the age of 17 to discover the world and cultures to have experience. I’m missing my childhood times, the atmosphere of past times, the seaside , streets forests sunsets sunrises, I think now matter where you was born we all miss the same things. I’m having parents on Russia, and I’m happy to visit them on my vacation.

You studied in Milan and traveled around the world, what is the place you liked the most to capture?

Nowadays I’m working with Hong Kong sceneries, there’s a gallery which I collaborate with and I love Asian and Chinese culture, the city landmarks and signs are in my works, for the future goal I’m planning to paint old Hong Kong, the mix of Asian and European cultures in one city. I’m amazed by history, especially 50-60 th of the past century, wish to have works for this topics soon as well.
But European Countries are also interested to me as well. In all the works I love to show the atmosphere, my favorite subjects are streets cafes, to capture people having lunches or a coffee break.
The particular day time , the sunshine day or rainy.. these all gives an atmosphere.


When you paint… what inspires you? Is there something or someone? A song? An artist?

When I’m painting I’m not looking for an inspiration…like sitting in front of a white canvas for hours, I have clear ideas of what I want to create and sometimes I even make a stop only after 10-12 hours of painting after the whole day; because time flies when you make the things you are full into. Usually I listen music , the different genders, probably chill and classic as background, sometimes podcasts and audiobooks.


Do you feel close to some artistic movements or do you feel a visionary?

I would be happy if professionals told me which movement I’m close to… there are not so many artists in the world of painting who use palette knives as I do to paints cities and streets. It’s not an easy techniques , and this is one point why it’s sharpening for me.

You just told me that you use palette knives… how did the idea of using this original technique in painting come about?

I saw long time ago some works with the thick layers of pots bright and colorful, the strikes that can not be done by a brush. And I decide to try, the first year I was just like a blind person holding a knife and doing movements on a canvas.
My works were not ideal, as well there are no any teacher to teach how to hold, to apply strokes and how to paint with a palette knife.
So I just trained everyday, and in a while my hand got used to knives and strokes and the more I got better, the more I leveled up… until now!

Anna Salenko

In my next years I’m planning to make more improvements!

Please talk me about the art school for children which you opened four years ago!
I am sure you are very proud of it! Now you’re in love with China and you’ve chosen to stay a little longer or are you in the process of new adventures?

Now I’m working to make my school run and be a good place for kids to study and enjoy and I’m studying art and drawing for the galeries. For now my goals are more professional then to take care about personal thought…

In this new Social Era, which social media do you think is best suited to an artist like you?

I think all the social media’s are good if you have an amount of followers and your content is popular and unique.
Socials networks are the best for artists with photos and pictures.


Do you have new projects for the future?

Start my travel and draw steps, get to new places and capture them in my art.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers before leaving?

At first work hard and think if this goal is the goal of your life and if you are happy to spend time on it…
If it is so: do the BEST because we only live once and we choose how to live and how to build our future!!

You couldn’t do better!!

Thank you very much Anna! It was a really nice interview! Until next time!