Day 1

This morning was different than usual.

I did not prepare my breakfast and I didn’t dedicated myself to the blog, I did not even record videos for my Youtube channel but I took the bare minimum and went to the station.

That’s because I received a news, not very good, and I ran myself into planning a sudden trip.

So I planned the Blog with all the related collaborations and I left.

Now I’m literally on the train to Turin to visit my family … I won’t go into specifics but I will share with you my experience.


After all, I’m happy to return in Turin because it is a part of me. It’s the city where I grew up and it will always stay in my heart.

Here I am! Arrived at the station in the blink of an eye and sling myself into the first clothing store I find …TALLY WEiJL !
Maybe it is because I have a young spirit, it will be that I like pastel colors, but after trying on a couple of clothes (nothing short of enchanting!), I realize that I should look for something else that is good for me. (the idea of giving up glittery socks, flamingos and unicorns is making me suffer…)

So I go into the subway


and I suddendly head for the Hotel