Among the many fashion trends that are coming back from the 90s, this is one that you won’t see for a long time (thank God!): The skinny Chick.

When it comes to curves, many people think about pluszise, but this is exactly when size doesn’t matter AT ALL. What is matter is the shape. It’s not really about the weight if we are talking about a curvy body, because – in fact – this is excatly what we are all looking for. The female shape. The hourglass body.

And that is why we see more and more girls with this type of body: years ago only a few graceful counted with it. But now all the girls want to get it even if they go through a surgery to achieve it (the Kardashian are just one example of so many).

The hourglass shape body is the PERFECT body shape since it has nothing to correct: you can use almost any garment and show all its splendor.

So if you are one of those graceful girls with great curves, or have done everything to get it and finally did, we give you the best 5 tips to rock your curves without falling into the cheap and vulgar look that many have wanted to impose.

1. Less is Less

We know, in fashion industry they say “less is more”. But I’ll tell you when less is less: when you decide to go out without that many clothes. Of course you have amazing legs and an enviable cleavage, but that doesn’t mean you have to show everything at the same time. So less clothing to show more skin, really does not add up a thing. In fact, it makes you look too interested in showing your body and it does not attract the positive attention we are looking for.

So you can choose which part of the body you wanna show off, and leave the rest to the imagination. We all pay positive attention and we think much more about what seems mysterious to us. So play that card!

Do you wanna show a little neckline? Cover your legs! Let the neckline be the protagonist. Do you want to wear an amazing miniskirt? Make sure to highlight it with a turtle neck or a closed neckline. The combinations that surprise and maintain balance are the most applauded by fashion editorials.

2. Look a Total Look

A total look always looks expensive. Look at women like Michelle Obama or Victoria Beckham. They seem to be worth like a million dollars and their “battle” clothes are usually monotonous costumes. A total Black or a Total White is a safe weapon for any important meeting where you must assert your word. They give you security, elegance and and air of sophistication that is difficult to achieve with other outfits.

Just make sure that all blacks are just deep in your clothes, just like whites. And include the shoes (this is very important to make you taller and imponent). The total looks stylize a lot, and you can always show your figure in a safe way with them. The monotony of color allows none of your curves to pronounce more that the other, perfectly showing your hourglass silhouette.

3. Don’t forget to cinch your waist

We know that your waist could be seen thousands of kilometers in comparison with your curves, but NEVER be sorry to cinch it EVEN more. Nowadays, there is no woman who does not want to show off her waist, so if you wear something loose, GIVE A TRY OF ADJUSTING IT WITH A BELT.

High shots, a detail of a hankerchief, chains, thin belts or wide bands, ALL IS ALLOWED! Of course, you can blur you figure to be comfortable, not that your pajamas should have a tie at the waist. There are exceptions (like the next point).

But remember that if you use something loose up and down, the way to make your curves appear subtly is to tighten your waist.

4. Lose it up somewhere

For a more casual look, you can blur your waist without losing control of how your body looks (that is, of course, fantastic).

For this you must decide only one side where to let go: if you are going to wear a loose sweater, go with skinnys or leggings. If you are going to wear a relaxed skirt, use a top attached to the body. If you want to wear the latest sweat pants, I encourage you to wear them with a shirt that lets your waist.


We love a huge shirt with the half tuck in your jeans, and it’s very fashionable, so why not use it? Make sure that the jeans shows off your hip as it should, and the rest…. leave it to the imagination. Remember that, in fashion, everything is about balance.

5. Remember the size doesn’t matter

It may seem like a motherly advice more than a style tip, but it is not. (I promise!)

Sometimes we forget that it is not about size or weight, but about SHAPE. And the curvilinear shape of this type of bodies is PERFECT. We are not being co-descendants: all the stylistic corrections are made on the basis of reaching an hourglass-shaped body.

So if – at any time – you do not know what to wear or you falter because you feel insecure – regardless of your size – remember that size does not matter: it is the shape that matters and yours is perfect.

So you’ll good with whatever you decide to wear to conquer the world today.

Do not forget that dressing is an art with logic, and only results in a unique style as soon as you know how to apply it on your own taste. So do not be afraid and play with clothes like when you were a girl. Just dress up your grown up curves now 😉