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Beyond C+F The Interviews

Linda Blacker

Dreaming big is something we should never be afraid to do.  Today I feel super honored to interview a great artist! I’d like to say a lot of things but I prefer to hear everything from her because I am so thrilled!! I was suddendly captured by her ability to turn every dream into reality …

Beyond C+F The Interviews

Karla Ortiz

The secret of success is not looking at the struggles as a bad thing, awesome things will await for you on the other side. I was immediately fascinated by her search for aesthetic, and this it’s something that I love in an infinite way, I want to ask her for more directly…  So Ladies sip …


THE REBIRTH – The Podcast

Don’t live stuck into your past. Use it for your future!! “The Rebirth” is a journey for many women, we’re gonna laugh and cry, share our thoughts and we’re gonna be a lovely and passionate community.I’m Silvia and I’m here to share my ups and downs, my pros and cons giving you bits of advice …