The different types of adventures on three of the world’s most popular islands. Why people travel from all over the world to experience them and why they just cannot get enough.


It might be the cracking sunset tours over the sea with dolphins swimming by on your way back from Formentera that Instagram lovers drool over every year, or it could be the colourful photos of energy and action that are reposted a million times from the clubs… the historical fort, the Spanish people or the fact that it does not matter which way you turn for adventure on this three-dimensional island, fun is like air is to humans.


It surrounds you every second you are awake, maybe that is why some people don’t manage to sleep at all here on their vacay.

The food here is plentiful across the island with a range of street foods to high quality well priced and private Michelin restaurants, with many being at your fingertips or perhaps in hidden places where very few people you met will actually tell you. But honestly there are so many sides and depth to living and playing on this island that everyday feels like a new adventure and every sunset makes you feel like you have never seen one.


There is not one time that I have returned and even remotely had the same experience. Even if I attend the same events the crowd and vibe is always different.

The most difficult aspect of leaving this island is the memories that remain in your brain, somehow they keep replaying over in your head every time the sun begins to warm up in your home country.

So maybe the only solution is to not go in the first place. But if you do, you should defiantly know, that this island is set up to make you feel love everywhere you turn. For it is an island that switches on your senses, to the point that there is really no return from this place filled with bliss, energy and life.


Have you ever heard peace, then had your surroundings flipped upside down with the sound of intensity ringing in your ears in its full glaring extreme. Well this is Bali, hidden gardens where you can only hear intricate chimes and relaxing music, with 5 metre away traffic screaming past sometimes right near your feet.

The locals hustling on every street corner, let’s face it they make your day very interesting. Adventure on this island could never be boring. There are bubble tents, waterfalls, hikes and motorbike rides that will blow your mind and make you feel human. There are beaches with diving experiences and water sports that make floating alongside dolphins seam trivial. Sunset and sunrise is always filled with kites in the sky, the rice paddies turn to gold and everything seems like it is melting right there inside you. There are yoga studios, healing places, artists and massage parlours on every street corner you almost walk down.

The food is without a doubt some of the best I’ve ever had with the thought of returning here will always make your mouth water. It is not just the beauty of the jungle that keeps people like me going back, or the steaming hot days and the afternoon downpours, it is the way that the locals live their life here.

It is the kindness in their eyes, the peace you know of, behind the closed doors that you sleep in. The smiling faces at the markets and care that you see in this community, that makes you know and be nothing but love. For this is a place where the environments beauty merges right into its people.

New Zealand

Waking up here makes you believe in fairies. The terrain is like nowhere else on the planet. The fact that you can hop of a plane, straight into a car and off around the island in a jiffy, makes you realise how easy it is to just be there.

If air is like fun in Ibiza, then adventure is like water in New Zealand. It is absolutely everywhere and if you have a heart beat you start to crave and feel like you need it. In ever town that you visit there is something to be done, a walk, a view or an activity.

It is true that you do not have to travel to far before a local helps you in your pursuit on your amazing holiday. Their culture and pride in their identity and land is one that every human should be seeking.

Grand snow-capped mountain tops, with thick blanketing snow can quickly and completely surround you. Wide rivers and lakes with spectacular colours almost make you have accidents around every corner. Adventuring onto glaciers, under waterfalls, with short helicopter rides to hidden places with gourmet food and a hot spring bath might be something you are lucky enough to get up too.

Whatever you do on this most spectacular island just remember to make sure you get lots of photos. For this is a place where epic scenery is a fact and it is taken completely to a whole new level of marvel.

It makes you feel small and will revitalise your soul because you always want to go back, the main reason is the freedom you always find here and you will feel this right in the heart of New Zealand’s mountains.