The secret of success is not looking at the struggles as a bad thing, awesome things will await for you on the other side.

I was immediately fascinated by her search for aesthetic, and this it’s something that I love in an infinite way, I want to ask her for more directly…  So Ladies sip on your favorite drink and let’s start with The Interview…

Hi Karla! Let me tell you that you are always radiant and wonderful in your pictures and Stories! 

You’re from Costa Rica, would you like to talk about the most important moments of your life? 

Did you have to struggle to get where you are now?

I guess that everybody struggle in a way, every struggle is different and maybe for you my struggles could be anything or for my neighbor his struggles may be not like struggles… so I think that this is very subjective but certainly there’s no reward without an effort. In other words, I wouldn’t shoot any TV Commercial if I never went to Casting Agency or I wouldn’t never had a business if I didn’t invest some money, LOTS OF NIGHTS without sleeping… just planning and making it happen. Now, I think that the secret of success is not looking the struggle as a bad thing, it’s more like a big obstacle that if you pass it, awesome things will await for you in the other side! And CONSISTENCY.

Oh I definitely agree with you Karla, you know.. sometimes I get reprove because I use the verb “to struggle”, but I love it. I use it in a positive way, just because I know what’s beyond!!

You are a professional aesthetician! You make real magic! Not only on the face but on the entire body too, this is your passion! When did it all begin? How did you get this idea?

I like to make others feel good and pretty, and I knew I wanted to study something regard beauty, however I was graduated in University as an Industrial Designer. So after 5 years of study design, I decided to study aesthetic, my passion to make it my side job/hobby and little by little grew my business.

That’s amazing how things change in our lives! Me too I studied Economy and Foreign Languages but then I was captured by arts.

You have just opened a blog about wellness, training and healthy food!

The blog is “100 Ageless Tips“: you know that I literally fell in love with it because you give really useful advice and above all, you always make everything in a really harmonious way. 

How did you get the idea of creating this blog?

It comes from desire to help others with easy and healthy tips to improve their lives, I’m passionate about healthy food because I know how colorants for example can damage you, or how to remove wrinkles in an easy way, so I thought it could be fun give some aesthetician knowledge to who wants some information on that matter.

And you absolutely did it!

Karla, you have a wonderful family!  How do you combine work with the role of mother? Do you come naturally or do you plan your day?

Thanks! They are certain my rock and my world! Being a mother is my priority, so everything I do is organized by that, I plan my day, but sometimes it comes natural. For my business I set the monthly plan for the meats at home too, but for the blog I just go with the flow… I want to make my side business, so eventually will plan more.

I can’t let you go without letting you talk about the tv commercials you made, because you’re also a model! Tell us about the experience! We wanna know about it!!

It all started at 16 years, I’ve done photos for stores and tv commercials since then. I hosted on a TV Program related to tourism and even when I was pregnant did one commercial. I like to act, so is fun to have the challenge of the role the want you to act. Is exhausting cause it takes literally the whole day of shooting from 4am till midnight in some commercials but is fun and you always meet awesome people!

Wow!! It sounds everything so interesting and amazing!  Let’s take a look at some of your commercials!

They are stunning!! Thank you so much, Karla! It was an enormous pleasure to interview you!