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This album is about becoming adult aged, growing up, breaking into a new personality, and embracing it.


It’s 22 p.m. in Italy and I’m about to interview the lovely Katie Ferrara… Who’s Katie Ferrara? Katie Ferrara is an amazing and talented singer from Los Angeles. She’s a busker, I think one of the most famous buskers in the Cali area… I’m sure that she could charm everyone with her voice of a mermaid. 

Katie Ferrara took part in the first Interviews for Beyond Curves and Fashion and now I asked her to talk again with me because she’s having an enchanting journey, and I absolutely wanted her to share everything with us!

So I’m here, right now, ready to ask her all the things that I have in my mind I’m so curious about and we wanna talk about it? She is pure inspiration

Her life is like a fable, literally like a dream come true! I’m going with the interview right now!

S: So Katie how are you? What’s going on, in L.A.?

K: Well, things are really different, we have to wait a lot, to buy something at the grocery store, stay in a queue, and things are running out of stock too.

S: Oh my God, really? Luckily, in Italy, we still have everything…

K: Yeah, we have to go shop in the middle of the night, when there’s no one, so things are better.

S: Oh, this is a good thing. Here there are really a few markets open 24/7…

K: Sure, I remember… when I came to Italy to sing, I saw that the restaurants were just open at lunch and at dinner.

S: Yeah! That’s insane because if I’m out and I’m hungry in the middle of the day I gotta wait!

So, thank you so much for this second interview, I wanted to make it because there so much to talk about it!


Katie! The beginning of the year was amazing!! You won the first edition of the Musicash contest! Do you wanna talk about it? How did you feel it?

Katie Ferrara Break Free

K: I didn’t think I could win, I was shocked! There was a very popular singer, who had a lot of Instagram followers, and when you join this kind of competition which is online-based and you have a solid fan base, there’s a high expectation to win. I asked my friends and fans to voted for me like, continuously I think I was annoying people!

I was very happy, you know I spend a lot of my busking money to pay my bills, so I thought “ Oh now I can spend my  bills!” 

Anyway, I think that these contests are really significant even if you don’t win: these competitions as American Idol and X-Factor are really good for great exposure and being successful either: whether you’re not on Tv or if you’re not famous you can be a great artist! 


S: Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. Competitions make a lot for a really good exposure. You just released your first full-length album named “Break Free”, I listened to it and I literally adored it! Oh My God, it is so peaceful and calm. I really like your style.

K: Thank you! Yeah, It is a full-length album, and It took a couple of years to make it, the 1st year I did create a campaign and I raised money to create it I went into the studio, in 2019 I released the first single of the album and made the music videos. While I was into this I joined the Musicash and I had my friends and fans who voted for me…

S: I love “Saturn Returns”, “Weightless”, “Break Free”…  and I think that the album is amazing. Can you recount us about the songs?

K: Yeah, the first track was “Weightless” and the music video was shot last year in Switzerland, my friend Daniel was the videographer of the video, it was pretty cool!



The second song is “Picking Apples” and it’s a gift to my mom who helped me realize “Dream Catcher” (I also had fans who helped me create this album), which is another album of mines.

This song is about leaving your childhood house, not only leaving it psychologically but also physically. It comes that time when you grow up and you start your own family and your own path as you say to yourself “now I’m an adult” and you have to say goodbye to your parents’ home…

Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was in high school, but my memories still bring me there. It’s all still gathered in my wonderful childhood home. So I wrote “Picking Apples”: it’s not just for me, it’s even for people, yeah… I think it could help people who have to leave a place but they get stuck in their home places.


And about “Lost In Your Ocean Eyes”: I was dating this guy at the time, he was having these beautiful blue eyes! And once he said something to me like “Oh you don’t look me in the eyes”…

I was so in love with this guy and I said to him: “I wanna get lost in your eyes!!” and so this is “Lost In Your Ocean Eyes“!



And, in conclusion “Saturn Returns” is about turning 30. 

At 20s you start having parties, having fun, doing a lot of stuff, acting dumb sometimes, do anything crazy…  

A lot of people when they’re turning 30, they got big dilemmas: getting married, buy a house… there are a lot of limitations compared to the 20s and they gotta figure out what their limits are. 

And by the end of 20s you think “Oh wait a winute…who am I? And what I’m gonna do with my life?”

In astrology, there’s a thing called Saturn Returns, basically, the planet Saturn is aligned at the same place when it was at your birth exactly at 29.5 years. 

I think it’s a big-time in life when there’s a lot of things changes and happen! 


S: Wow, this is amazing! I didn’t know that! And I love astrology! Talking about your music genre… It seems to me like you’re forward-minded, I don’t know how to say that…

K: Yeah, I guess what you saying. Always looking in the future but thinking in the past!

Yeah, like there’s the song “Auld Lang Syne” that everyone sings at Christmas… I wanted to make a song with that special vibe because I wanted to have that special mood, but I wanted it to be contemporary… so it was then that “Living In Black And White” was born. I was kinda inspired by that song and by the mood, and now I’d love to see “Living In Black And White” shared with special ones, loved ones. 


S: So your album speaks about a New You, a transition, and growing up?

K: This album is about becoming an adult, aged, growing up, breaking into a new personality, and embracing it.


S: Randomly I see you on Periscope that you make something creative with Tarots, right?

K: On Wednesdays on Periscope I do the Coloring Tarot: there are the Major Arcanos which are 20 and the Minor Arcanos which are Cups, Swords, Pentacles, and Wands! I sing songs too.  

S: You can find Katie performing Live on Twitch and Facebook here you can find all her schedules:

Online Performances
  • 5 pm Periscope +Facebook
  • 6 pm Twitch
  • 11 am Periscope +Facebook
  • 12 pm Twitch


S: And Katie tell us, do you have some new projects for the future???

K: Right now, I’m working on a new production, which is just on the piano. I’m learning it, I played guitar for some years, I get comfortable playing piano, it’s interesting using a different instrument. I’m taking a lot of songs and I’m putting them on the piano. People suggest me to try the piano too because of my voice. I’m gonna try, it depends either on the key but I think that the voice will sound different. 

Playing the Piano

S: You know that I’m looking forward to hearing from you about this upcoming jewel!

Oh, it’s already time to say bye! It was a pleasure to talk with you! Thank you so much for the interview, Katie! If you still have time, would you like to sing a song for us?

European Music tour
Katie Ferrara On tour

Katie Ferrara and I  had the Interview on Instagram! Also, she sang two beautiful songs!! You can watch the full interview on the Facebook Page of the Blog! Enjoy!

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