Let’s get to know the sweetest LA Dream Catcher.

Today I’m gonna interview Katie Ferrara! An amazing woman who loves what she does! She’s an inspiration for all of us! Singer performer in Hollywood, she had a tour in Europe last summer and now there’s a brand new single out and it’s overwhelming. Let’s go and know Katie better…

Katie at the CityWalk in Hollywood

Hi Katie!
It is a pleasure to interview you for the blog! You are an exceptional example for all women! You are bright, sociable, go-ahead and determined! But above all you love, this is the thing that I most adore about you!!
You have a profound passion for music, I think that your is a visceral connection. When did you start to understand that music was so important to you?


Music became important to me when I was in college. I needed a way to express myself and feel connected to other people. At the time, I was in conflict between working towards a traditional 9-5 job and abandoning my dreams of being a singer. I spent a lot of my free time learning how to play the guitar. Every time I would finish class, I would just want to spend time in my room playing songs. When I took a semester off from school, music became even more very important to me through songwriting. It was a way for me to make sense of all my emotions.

You are a street musician: it’s a wonderful thing because every day you are in contact with many people, with different souls and cultures. How came out this inspiration?

I became a street performer for many reasons- one being that I was sick and tired of going through hoops just to perform in
Hollywood. I wanted to sing without having the responsibility of bringing 50 people to a venue. I also wanted to call myself a musician, which is incredibly hard to do if you do not get paid from gigs. When I started play in the street, people bought my CD’s, tipped me, and followed me on social media. I started to build a following online and people took me seriously when I would go out and play a real show. I didn’t have to go through a door person and could literally set up anywhere (within reason) to play. Many of the private gig opportunities and paid gigs I’ve gotten over the years happened because I started street performing on a regular basis. I met the right people just by showing up and playing in public.

I also grew up in LA and feel like the city is a bit materialistic. I like busking because it has allowed me to travel the world and meet people outside of the bubble that Los Angeles has to offer.

You have a wonderful repertoire and you’re also available for private events! How many things you do?! How do you organize your day?

I play private parties, corporate events and serve as entertainment in bars, restaurants and hotels. I usually have anywhere from 12-20 live performances a month. I spend a lot of time booking these gigs and traveling to them. I have to wear many hats as an artist. I am a booking agent, manager, promoter, publicist, and social media expert on top of just playing music. My work day can be difficult when I get busy because sometimes I’m unable to practice, write songs, and just be an artist. Much of the money I make as a solo performer goes toward recording costs, and paying my band for larger performances. My day is usually organized with emailing tasks in the morning and gigs in the evening. On my days off I write songs and jam with other artists or go hiking.

The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

Your sound is very Cali, so weightless (as your last song says) … almost an easy listening that tends to be alternative. Do you have a favorite musician / singer? Who influenced you musically?

I’m influenced by a lot of 90’s and early 2000’s bands. I love Aimee Mann for example, and Feist. I’m very influenced by the Beatles, Carol King and Joni Mitchell. I also like a lot of modern pop artists like Ed Sheeran and Kacey Musgraves. Kacey is my favorite singer at the moment. I love the depth and innocence in her songwriting.

Chur, Switzerland

You will soon release a new single! I can’t wait to buy it! Do you want to talk about it?

Tomorrow I am releasing my new single called “Hiding”. This track will be on my upcoming full length record and is a bit different than my other releases. I play piano and the production is dark and cinematic.

The song was inspired by a toxic relationship I was in about 3 years ago. Writing the song was catharsis for me. I was able to remove this horrible feeling that was trapped inside for so long. At the time, I wanted to leave the relationship I was in but couldn’t because I thought that loved the person. When I first started dating this guy, he was very sweet and caring, but overtime, he grew angry, abusive and constantly suspicious of what I was doing. He was jealous of my friends and controlling. I didn’t want to leave because I kept reminding myself of all the good times we had together. The good news is that I’m no longer with this person and have since reclaimed my sense of self. I forgot who I was when we were together and I never want that to happen again.

I’m sure that many women understand you as I am doing right now: I was in a toxic relationship too…

Then something good happened, right?

…It wasn’t until I did my kickstarter to raise funds to record this upcoming album that one of my fans urged me to record the song. I used to play it out at gigs but never really got good feedback from audiences. I always thought the song wasn’t very good. He said he liked the imagery and concept behind the music. I’m glad that it made it to the album because in the end, I think it’s a great song regardless if people like it or not.

Wow! You’re a beautiful woman Katie! Let me tell you this!
Thank you very much for this interview, it was very intense! I really hope you can return to Europe soon for a new tour and I’ll make an article about it!

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