Dreaming big is something we should never be afraid to do. 

Today I feel super honored to interview a great artist! I’d like to say a lot of things but I prefer to hear everything from her because I am so thrilled!! I was suddendly captured by her ability to turn every dream into reality and to stay so close to the world of tales keeping my mind always in the clouds… She’s the astonishing and incredible Linda Blacker.

Hello Linda! Thank you so much for being available for an interview! How are you?

Im really well thank you, enjoying the sunshine in London today, as I don’t think it will last too long knowing our weather!

Ahah Oh Yeah! London can’t beat the record as the sunniest city in the world for sure, but you’re from Chelmsford! I must confess that I never came to the UK, I’m horrible!  I visited Heathrow airport and then left but I saw (on the web) that your city is wonderful! Which are the memories that bind you most to your hometown?

Yes I grew up in Chelmsford, in the outskirts which is the countryside. I have a lot of wonderful childhood memories, particularly of my family and especially my cat. She is 15 now, so a little older and I love her to pieces. The city itself is lovely too – I now live in London but pop back to see my parents weekly! 

Aw, that’s so sweet! I love animals too and I had a cat too in my childhood! I loved him so much! Linda, let me tell you I’m a super fan of yours! Despite the collaborations, I mean, you create dreams! I can almost say that your works are oneiric…  When was your passion for photography born?

That’s very kind, thank you. Before photography I would draw and paint all the time, that was my favourite passtime. Then, at college I decided to take an A Level in photography, alongside History, Film and Art. It was at that moment that I first experimented with a camera! I have to say though, photography in education wasn’t too fun for me – it was only through finishing college and really experiencing photography in the real world, that my passion for it was born.

One of your projects was inherent in the great Italian Art, the colors are spectacular, divine and enchanting.  I live in Italy and I love art in all its expressions: How do you make these works of art? Are you already starting with the finished product in mind or do you let yourself be carried away by your feelings?

Linda Blacker

Thank you so much! I’m very inspired by Italian works of art, and I thought it would be so interesting to create contemporary recreations. For these I work closely from the painting as a reference, and shoot several different images to place together and work on in post production. These images are complex to produce and take around 12 hours to edit, but they are some of my favourite photographs I’ve produced!

You have been collaborating on campaigns and foundations, with many YouTubers (which I love madly!!) and you also worked for the latest “IT”,  “La Llorona”, Vodafone, Huawei, and many others … What it’s like working for so many different projects? How do you organize yourself? 

I’m a big fan of organisation. I really do think organisation is key in running a business, and I really enjoy keeping busy. Because I’m organising shoots all the time and coordinating teams of people, I don’t find it too difficult. In fact, I’m very grateful for the clients I have and I really hope to expand and have many more!

I confess I have a weakness for Baz Luhrmann’s films, I love his search for perfection and beauty, in colors and in every scene. I loved every one of his films: I believe that with “the Great Gatsby” he surpassed himself at the level of photography! What do you think about it? Have you had artistic influences from other photographers or artists in your life?

Carrie As The Princess And The Pea

I’m actually really inspired by the works of Tim Burton. I find his work very recognisable across all his films and I really love that in an artist. If you can walk by a piece or art or see a film and know instantly who is behind it, I think that’s a great achievement by the artist. 

What can I say? I totally agree with you about that!

Linda, you are a great source of inspiration for many women! You are determined, a dreamer but at the same time, you have a lot of perseverance! Do you have any messages that you would like to leave to the readers of “Beyond C + F” before leaving us?

That’s very kind! I think dreaming big is something we should never be afraid to do. 
It’s women who inspire my work and who I predominantly capture in front of the camera, so I hope we can continue to inspire and lift each other up as we navigate through this tricky thing called life. 

Wow! These are such beautiful words, you’re really sweet Linda ! Thank you so much for everything and being so motivating! I’m sure we’ll get in touch again in the future! Who knows!