How I got to take pictures with #nomakeup and being #confident with myself?

There are 3 incredibly powerful tricks that I’m gonna show you to be self assured even if sometimes you wanna stay #withoutmakeup….Here we go!


Did you know that when you smile you release endorphins?

Endorphins have always been called the “Happyness Hormones” and you will find incredible what they can do:

Do these 2 simple things:

  1. When you wake up in the morning go towards your mirror and just SMILE AT YOURSELF! You will see the effect of these three facts growing day by day…
  2. When you’ll step into the streets it will be easier as you can think: while starting a conversation with someone… remember to SMILE, always!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

We all have in our brains a kind of neurons called “mirror neurons” which have the function of the intersubjectivity… What does it mean? It means that if you’re talking to someone, they’ll feel and share your mood uncounsciounsly. So? You’re gonna smile and they’ll smile too!! They’ll feel happy and suddendly like you because YOU MADE THEM FEELING THIS WAY!!


Since that our human body is 60 percent water, it requires absolutely water to work every single day!

Let me tell you a few pills of what water can do to us… According to the MEDICAL NEWS TODAY:

  • It delivers oxygen to the body
  • It boost your skin health and your beauty
  • It make minerals and nutrients (which dissolve into water) accessible
  • It boost performances during exercise so you will see results faster
  • It maintains blood pressure and prevents kidney damage

What are we talking about?! Yes! This is all about health! Drink a lot of water, eat in a good way and you will feel healthier and more self assured day by day!!


Okay… we all love our Beauty Routines … because they make us even more relaxed and confident but I wanna share with you some essential things that I personally do for myself and trust me that IT WORKS!!

Beauty Routines

Take some Time for Yourself everyday and do your favorite Mask

Obviously not everyone can afford a facial… (neither me) but everyone can create their own special and unique SPA into their house everyday. Why? Because you know yourself more than anyone else and it doesn’t matter if it will be morning, afternoon or evening (or night? why not?); it always will be your personal daily appointment for a special treatment ;)!

Photo by Sarah Comeau on Unsplash

I like for example to put on some RnB like The Weeknd or Jorjia Smith and then I completelt dedicate myself to my glowing or mosturizing mask… it depends on what my skin needs that day. I just love it and the thing is that it’s such a fun and sensational at the same time!!

When you wake up in the morning, do this thing to your face

After you cleansed up your face, use some dry oil for all skin types, there will be enough just two sprays. We all have different types of skin but trust me, it will change your life!

Remember to use always cleanser that nourish your face, something with Vitamins, honey and don’t leave your skin dried.

This is finally me at home taking a #selfie #withoutmakeup!!!

If you still have problems…

If you still keep seeing no changes and you think you’re having problems with your skin, please consult a dermatologist.


With Love, Silvia