Skincare products are extremely important to use on a daily basis.
Products will protect the skin and correct your skin problems. Make sure the products are right for your skin’s texture and skin type. Besides products here are a few self care habits that I practice to keep my skin healthy and glowing.


Satin Pillow Case

Sleep on a satin pillow case. I’ve been sleeping on a satin pillow case since high school. Satin maintains the texture of the skin and preserves it for years to come. Plus satin is gentler for the skin than cotton. Satin pillow case reduce the amount of absorption your face attracts such as, oils and dirt compared to a cotton pillow case.


Cleanse Twice

Cleanse your face twice a day. Sometimes I cleanse twice in the same wash cycle. It’s obvious, but some people struggle with this step. This is very important because removing dirt and dead skin is the most important step to stop acne and environmental populations to the skin.


Hydrate Your Skin Within

Water, water, and more water. It makes sense because our body is made-up of 80 percent of water. Hydrate, so you can keep the natural glow in your skin.