Whatever negative that people say and think about you is none of your business really, it is between them and God.

Here I am! So excited to get to know Tabisa Yeni! Tabisa in October 2019 will fly to London to represent South Africa!! This is such an inspiration for all women and a huge achievement!!

I go deep into the interview…

Tabisa! How are you? It is such an honor to interview you! You’re a big inspiration for many women!

Hello Siwah, thank you so much. How kind of you. I must tell you that it’s wonderful to be interviewed by such a phenomenal woman, as yourself.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

First of all let me know, you’re a single mom! And you’re a Philanthropist! These two words are overwhelming! You wrote that you got it from your mother and you’re even a member of Yali Network, can you tell us more about this?

Yes! I am a mom to an amazing 11 year old boy. He is the apple of my eye and his kindred spirit is both my inspiration and source of strength. He is the true epitome of God’s love.
For me being both a mom and a Philanthropist is such a seamless transition because both these roles require compassion, love, empathy and a passion for being an implementor of growth. My mom was both an entrepreneur and Philanthropist. She was also a former teacher and a single mom due to being widowed. Our house was always full. Yes I am member of Yali, She leads Africa, Africa4Her and Oneorg amongst other organizations.

That’s outstanding, you are a wonderful woman.

You’re a music manager too! Omg, I don’t know but you’ve got a lot of energy! How can you plan everything? And what genre of music do you prefer?

Music management found me: it all began with an artist friend of mine asking me be to her road manager let’s say 3 years ago when I was on holiday with her, and ended up creating an itinerary for her because she needed to create an EP. She ended up putting it together in a week. I was just be a friend and to me, it all came naturally plus I have an international qualification in Travel and Tourism.

Than in 2018 I was selected to represent my country South Africa as a delegate at both the Primavera Festival that takes place in Barcelona, Spain and the Midem Festival that takes place in Cannes, France. I did a lot of networking and ended up making friends from all over. I secured a collaboration for three artists with a producer in Barcelona and we recorded a single. When I went there I was managing one artist and road managing one. When I came back I was managing four artists and road managing one. I stopped road managing her to focus more on managing my artists. I am now managing five artists. Three of my artists now have territorial deals with a record label in Spain called Little Red Corvette Records. It’s an indie label. All of my artists are Indie. I always tell them to view themselves as a company. I am not into major labels. I believe in collaborations and have a favorite song in every genre of music. I have a bit of an OCD personality and am therefore a tad bit of a perfectionist. At the same time I am also an A. D. D candidate. Therefore planning is naturally part of my personality. I have weird working hours as well. Hahahaha

Hahahaha! I got you!

You’re a creative woman… you write, you cook… you know, there are certain times when we wanna dedicate ourselves to our art… which one defines you the most?

The kitchen is my woosah space. It is where I become alive. I am both a foodie and a feeder. I grew up hosting a lot a at home, my mom’s friends and clients. Luckily for me I did Hotel Keeping and Catering as one of my subjects in high school. Hence where the passion for food and beverage comes from. I am very cultured because I was raised by a very cultured woman. Theatres, Art Galleries, Restaurants, Museums, Food, Drinks and Traveling is how I grew up. That combined with a very simplistic country side living every December school holidays. So my world was two very different contrasts. However for me the countryside was always a view of how God is an artist. It was a beautiful and yet humble place with no electricity or running water. That is where my mom grew up, those were her humble beginnings and she made it a point for to experience it in order to teach me humility, respect and emphathy. She wanted me to learn the core values of life.

Yes I am a writer, a poet to be exact. Writing is a very spiritual process for me. It always starts with one line and than I literally black out after that. By the time I come to, I have written an entire poem. It is truly and annointed gift from God. Writing began as a coping mechanism for me. I discovered it in high school. I grew up depressed but was not even aware of it. I was molested at the ages of 5 and 11. I was raped in my 20’s. I have experienced all forms of abuse. I am both a mental health and abuse activist.

My idea is that all of our scars makes us stronger. I admire the way you turned something really cruel that happened to your past in something positive and strong. You’re the inspiration.

Not so much time ago you hosted and planned a high tea event for Kamers Makers (which I esteem sooo far)… would you love to talk about Kamers Makers?

Yes! I have partnered up with one of my favorite creatives in the country. Moleboheng Sehume, she is the goat of radio production and has also been in the advertising space. Together we are The Producers Note. So we collaborated with Wanda, the founder of Kamers Makers and did a high tea at the Kamers Makers market. It was a great success against all odds and is the first of many. Creating and discovering creatives is both my passion and lifestyle.

Awesome! Now please the thing that left me unspoken: you’ve been invited in London to represent South Africa! We wanna know more about! What is going to be about?

Yes! One Young World is annual summit that takes in different countries around the world. It gathers together “the brightest young people from around the world” to both discuss and find solutions to world problems. Kofi Annan was one of the counselors. President Bill Clinton, The CEO of Barclays are also some of the counselors. Once you come back, you become one of the ambassadors and are charged up with their whole network to bring change in your country and continent. As a Philanthropist, I am truly honored to have been selected. It will be taking place in October, in London this year.

I’m so excited for you!!

Do you wanna suggest something inspiring to the readers of Beyond Curves+Fashion before you leave?

My bishop taught me something that I hold dear to my heart until today. Learn to not be easily offended. Do not be offended by people or circumstances because:

  1. Whatever negative that people say and think about you is none of your business really, it is between them and God.
  2. No one owes you anything, so whatever kindness or help you receive, be grateful for. Don’t feel entitled to anyone’s help.
  3. Whatever you are going through will never make a headline in heaven. There are people prior to you who have gone through it before and God has a solution for it. Just ask him

I also need everyone to be aware of the power of their mouth. Learn to speak positivity and power into your life. Whatever you wish for, speak it by faith into existence in your life. Taking action is a sign of faith.

I am a bible school graduate, I have been called to a Pastor but I am not ordained yet therefore the streets are my pulpit. I am a non conformist and constantly blur the lines. I don’t fit in the church and don’t fit in the “world” either. I hate religion and have a relationship with God. That’s what God wants from you and me, a relationship with him. God is not man that he should lie.

Lastly learn to move in silence. Don’t tell the whole world about your plans. Plan and execute them in silence.

Wow! Plan and execute like a Tiger. I like it.

Thank you sooo much Tabisa! It was a pleasure to interview you for the Blog! Let us know how is gonna be everything!

Thank you so much for having me, see you guys when I come back!