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Beyond C+F The Interviews

Tabisa Yeni

Whatever negative that people say and think about you is none of your business really, it is between them and God. Here I am! So excited to get to know Tabisa Yeni! Tabisa in October 2019 will fly to London to represent South Africa!! This is such an inspiration for all women and a huge …

Beyond C+F

Best 5 tips to show off your curves

Among the many fashion trends that are coming back from the 90s, this is one that you won’t see for a long time (thank God!): The skinny Chick. When it comes to curves, many people think about pluszise, but this is exactly when size doesn’t matter AT ALL. What is matter is the shape. It’s …

Beyond C+F The Interviews

Anna Salenko

How to Make a Dream Come True It was so enchanting and unimaginable to be carried away by Anna’s story.Anna Salenko is an incredible international artist.I was fascinated by her works that I saw on her Instagram profile, so, after visiting her website, I decided to interview her for Beyond Curves+Fashion… Hi Anna! Nice to …