During Summer we spend most of our times outdoors, doing all these fun activities and going on holidays which we obviously couldn’t do during other seasons. Now apart from all the amazing things we can do, Summer does have a downside! The heat! It gets extremely hot and outside can be extremely humid; and humidity does not go very well with makeup. It does suck, especially since you’d like to be seen everywhere but what’s the point if you can’t display your amazing face beat because its most likely going to melt?


I know right! Humidity was clearly not going to get in the way of a good face beat, that’s why I discovered this amazing little hack which always works wonders during the hotter seasons. Compared to other seasons, I usually use a very light moisturizer in summer and I also stick to foundations that are lighter in consistency, I mean you can’t be piling your face with products of a heavy consistency; your face is going to melt, I’m serious! It’s so important to choose the correct texture based on the season, this way you will have maximum optimization of the season.


Now this little hack has been working wonders for me and honestly I wish I started doing earlier; I would have saved on so much product. I like to take my moisturizer and mix it with my foundation. This definitely thins down my foundation and makes it perfect for me to wear even in extremely hot weather conditions. Your coverage is going to be so much more lighter and you honestly don’t want to pack on a lot of products. Mixing your moisturizer with foundation dilutes the concentration of the foundation while also providing some hydration to the skin. And not forgetting, your finish will look so much natural, almost like skin! And I absolutely love when my makeup looks like skin cos it sure does look like I woke up like this and I mean who doesn’t want to have that super natural I woke up like this makeup look?

Have you tried this hack before?