Adam Smith, Tracey Smith and Emma Miles at the Hospital

Being a mom is not the first aspiration in our life but this is the story of Tracey Smith, of Lampeters, Wales.
Tracey was born 31 years ago with a problem in her reproductive system: everything was missing.
Growing, Tracy began to feel very sad about it, because in her heart she had always dreamed of getting engaged, marry and give birth to her husband baby.

Through all of these years Emma Miles (Tracey’s mother),
who understands Tracey’s situation, express immediately her thoughs by saying that she would have do anything to help her daugher by having a baby.

Emma Miles

And the fairytale begins only when Tracey gets engaged and marries Adam, they begin to seriously consider the offer of her mother Emma and so their journey to a new birth full of love begins.

When it all began…

Emma prepares herself to be fertilized using IVF using a careful therapy of pills and hormones and the first attempt is already positive!

Nine months ago, Emma gave birth to little Evie, filling the family with joy. The grandmother has already stated that she would surely do it again to give Evie a little brother or sister!

It is a story full of love, generosity, and fulfilled desires.

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