Nuxe Products
What I’m loving the most these days!

These products are phenomenal!!

Imagine spreading golden honey all over yourself and that gently and sweetly cuddles you and leaves your skin ultra nourished, smooth and perfumed… This is Reve De Miel. You can find it wherever you want online and the average cost is about $22.00

What does your skin need? Have you ever think about it? The only thing needed is to be repaired by cold, repaired by sun rays, having a great balance, radiate gold from the cheeks and again be smooth! This is Huile Prodigieuse, a dry miraculous oil for face, body and hair that you can find everywhere online at the average price of $11.00

If you’ll ever wanna try one of these products I’ll be happy to read your thoughs 🙂

With Love, Silvia

Reve de Miel by Nuxe Nourishing Body Scrub 175ml :

NUXE NUX00065 Body Oil Huile Prodigieuse, 100 ml: